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Our Approach

 Jernstrom Engineering is a full-service Mechanical Engineering firm, specializing in delivering HVAC system design services for new construction and retrofit projects. Commercial and industrial experience is the cornerstone of Jernstrom Engineering and our engineers work hard to surpass the expectations of our clients.  We pride ourselves on creating solutions that are innovative and cost-effective. Our depth of personnel and resources allows us to tackle projects of a variety of sizes and scopes.


In addition to HVAC design, Jernstrom Engineering employs a diversified team of professionals trained specifically in drafting and coordination, plumbing and piping design, sustainability services, fire protection systems, medical gas systems, and controls, code and condition surveying. With four licensed Mechanical Engineers and three Mechanical Designers on the design team, and strong relationships with a number of mechanical contractors, our firm provides highly individualized client support and consistent, quality designs. Our approach develops mechanical solutions and fine-tuned mechanical plans before implementation to guarantee ease of construction and maintenance and our relationships with contractors ensures the final installation is done properly and adheres to rigorous specifications.


With a focus on efficiency and sustainability, the team at Jernstrom Engineering is dedicated to providing mechanical solutions for the needs of any building project. 


  • Mechanical Design

  • Energy Modeling & Life Cycle Costing

  • Site Survey and Post Construction Support

  • Drafting, Production, and Coordination

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